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Keep Your Dogs Warm In Winte

The jury seems to be still out on there, whether dogs need to have clothing! Some people scoff at the idea of seeing their pooch all dressed up in clothes, while other pet owners who have witnessed seeing their dogs shiver in cold winter temperatures, hesitate to clothe them, thinking that it will appear odd.
The fact is that if you a dog and are concerned about the cold winters in your area, it is perfectly fine to get your dog clothes.
For those who are still undecided about it, dogs do have their own layer of natural clothing in the form of a coat of hair. However, certain breeds have lighter and thinner skin than other kinds, which may not be suited to frigid temperatures. If you have such a dog that is better suited to warm temperate climate than cold winters where you live, it would only be prudent to have it clothed when outdoors.
Getting dog clothes in winter
Getting a jacket or sweater for your pet can be a big help in frigid winters, more so if your dog is not too keen to go outdoors to relieve himself in the cold. Also, if you keep the internal heating mechanism at low temperatures, and need sweaters, jackets or blankets to stay warm indoors for human occupants, then so will you need warm dog clothes.
The ability of a dog to keep itself warm naturally depends on factors like breed, age, and size. If the dog does not have a heavy coat of hair, even curling up will not help him much to conserve body heat. Toy breeds, light-bodied breeds, and smaller dogs generally have a short or thin coat of hair and need to wear a warm piece of clothing when they go outdoors or even when within the house in winter. Putting on a sweater or jacket can make all the difference in keeping your dog cozy and healthy in cold winters.
The thing to bear in mind is that just having thin, short hair alone does not qualify for the dog to warm protective clothing in winter. Those dogs that have they're groomed short, like poodles, may initially have a thick coat of hair, which the pet owner may decide to trim to prevent it from matting. These dogs also need to be given warm clothing to protect them from the cold weather. Aging dogs tend to have a weaker immune system and those pets that have ailments like hypothyroidism, Cushing's disease, etc. also need a new source of external clothing to keep them warm and healthy in cold winters.
On the other hand, dogs that have a dense coat of hair do not need any extra insulation to protect them from the cold. Clothing them would make them very uncomfortable and increase the risk of their bodies overheating. Their natural coat of fur protects them from frigid temperatures. The bottom line is that the decision to clothe your dog would depend on the winter temperatures, breed, the physical condition of the pet and age.

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