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5 animals that can live in an apartment

So far for you, pets were just cats and dogs. If your child wants an animal, why not this time change the usual standards by suggesting an animal out of the ordinary?
Make your choice between the land tortoise, the dwarf rabbit, the ferret, the mouse or the chameleon. You can also visit Aquarium Info to find other descriptions of pets.

The tortoise:

Living in an apartment has unfortunately many imperatives and constraints in terms of pets. Hence my choice for the tortoise. Quiet nature, this four-legged reptile suits me perfectly.
Only here, as I do not have a garden, the investment in a terrarium was mandatory. It is indeed essential that the turtle finds its natural environment in its new place of life. In addition, this animal hibernates throughout the winter. For its health and well-being, its hibernation should then take place in the best possible conditions: the terrarium perfectly fulfills this function.

The dwarf rabbit:

Do you want to complement rabbits? Imagine that dwarf breeds meet more and more in studios and apartments. Its particularity is its reduced size and featherweight. Yes, some, like the satin dwarf rabbit, Rex or ermine weigh only a kilo: real little balls of hair!
To celebrate a birthday, this small herbivore animal can quite mark the event of the five years of the end of cabbage. What's more, havana, black, ecru, gray, etc., the choice is wide in terms of colors. Nevertheless, all breeds combined, my favorite are the fox dwarf rabbits with their long and silky fur.


However in terms of exoticism and originality, the chameleon has been, for some years, part of the new pets or NAC. Many people do not resist the long, prehensile tail and skin that changes color over and over again.
Nevertheless, with this animal, the purchase of a terrarium is also necessary. And contrary to the many received ideas, a chameleon does not support at all that one handles it often. Stressed by nature, the blooming of this insectivorous reptile is only possible in a peaceful and non-noisy environment.

The mouse:

Finally, if you are one of those people who want to look after an animal at all costs, but unfortunately do not have much space to accommodate them, I advise them to opt for a domestic mouse. Here are animals that are not bulky at all and are, to the delight of its owners, very easy to live with. Their cage must however be regularly cleaned, even if this rodent is very clean by nature.


Otherwise, the ferret is also very popular with both children and adults. The proof: a friend just adopted a few months ago. Very seduced, she seriously plans to have a second one. Nothing surprising in that we just can not remain indifferent to this little mustelid.
Only downside, do not forget that the ferret remains a wild animal and therefore, in the majority of cases, it turns out to be unruly and rebellious; add to that also its teasing and mischievous side. This is why we must take the time to educate well. But did you know that the ferret is a very sociable animal that needs attention? At least once a day, his owners have to play a lot with him.

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